Thursday, September 18, 2014

One Month Already Gone!!


Holy cow momma, you're in Texas!  That sounds like soo much fun.  That's crazy about your guys flight getting cancelled, but if there's a will there's a way right.  I'm glad ya'll made it there safely :)  

Weston's talk also sounds like it was amazing, he is just an amazing guy all around isn't he.  Especially as a missionary, my goal on my mission is to be the kind of missionary he was because I know how great he was.  Ok, I'm not sure if I heard you right.. dad, wake boarding.. what?  Wow, good for him!  He must've had a better teacher than the time he tried snowboarding.. do you remember that?  Good times, good times!  Also, wow.. words spreads fast out there in the real world.  I tell dad that my room is clean and I'm a morning person and at least 3 people have emailed me since telling me congratulations.  Miracles are real people :)

This week was so much fun!  Me and 3 other hermanas from my district did a musical number in sacrament meeting.  We sang "If You Could Hie to Kolob," and it sounded really good.  After the meeting our branch presidency and their wives all came up to us and told us we had to audition for the one of the devotionals to sing in front of the whole MTC.  How do you say no to that?  You don't, so.. we auditioned this morning and will find out if we made it later this week.  I will keep you posted :)

Also on Sunday we had a really great devotional by T.C Christensen who directed 17 miracles, Ephriam's Rescue and several other church movies.  I love the devotionals here, they are all SO great.  And then to finish off Sunday night we said goodbye to a district of elders in our zone who were leaving to Mexico Monday morning, it was sad and I will miss them.  And that will be me here in 10 days.. where does the time go?  I don't even know.. it is crazy!

So listen to this.. we were walking across the crosswalk the other day and my companion looks over and is like "Wow, that looks like my car," she keeps looking and realizes it is her family.  It was soo weird, they all rolled down the windows and were screaming and telling her how much they loved her.  I can't even imagine seeing you guys right now, that would be so weird.  

Speaking of seeing people guess who I ran into today?  Elder Hayes!  I had JUST finished reading Brady's letter that said Logan was entering the MTC this week and then I heard someone say "Sister Peine"  I looked up and saw the whole Hayes family coming to drop Logan off.  I ran over to give him a hug and then realized that wasn't allowed so he got a nice handshake.  I was really great to see them all again.

Ok one last thing before I finish (mom plug your ears).  The other day during class our teacher was talking to us about Mexico and what it would be like.  He is from Mexico so he knows all about it.  I was asking him about Tuxtla and what it was like.  He told me that it was a jungle like I had heard and that I would probably be given a machete (not sure on the spelling) while I am on my mission.  He also told me there are spiders and cockroaches there that can fit in both my hands, and several crazy insects and scary things there.  I am so excited!  I'm sure the Lord will protect me and all will be well, but I will definitely have some great stories when I come home!

I sure love you all and thanks for all the support!  You guys mean the world to me and I would never be here without you.  Especially you mom and dad, thank you so much for everything.  I hope everyone has a great week and I'll talk to you soon!

Love, Hermana Peine

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