Friday, September 19, 2014

Flooded House!


This week was SO awesome, I don't even know where to begin!  I think I will begin with the food :)  This week I had an awesome meal called Chicharron, it is basically pure pig fat with a thick layer of skin on it.  Mine still even had the hair on it too, it was.. disgusting.  The flavor wasn't so bad but the texture was pretty gross.. I wouldn't recommend it.  
Also this week I got the chance to experience what a REAL rainstorm is like, holy moly!  I remember last week in my email saying that it rained so hard the streets were like rivers, but that was before the storm this week.  The roads last week were more like streams compared to this week, this week they were literally like rivers, there was probably a foot of water running down them.  Me and my companion had a lunch appointment across town with the relief society president the day of the storm.  Instead of waiting for the storm to pass we decide we would just go so we could be on time to lunch.  My companion was planning on just going out with a poncho on so I could use the umbrella, but I told her that was ridiculous and that I had a little umbrella in my bag so she could take the nice one.  So we headed out into the storm and I soon figure out how small and flimsy my umbrella actually was.. after about a solid 30 seconds of being outside I was completely soaked.  We headed across town to where we would eat lunch and every time we would cross a road (aka river of water) we would have water spray up our legs soaking us even more.  It was so fun, I have never had so much fun being soaking wet.  Also, we are now looking into getting a little boat of some kind or a floatation device to get around to our appointments, I think that may be more efficient :)
After lunch we headed back to the house to change into dry clothes.  It was still raining but the big storm was mostly over.  We got to the house and as my companion opened the door she turned to me and said "oh boy."  As we walked in I soon figured out what she was talking about.  Surprise.. we now had an indoor swimming pool in our living room!  Our house was flooded :)  We both just started laughing and thought it was way funny.  Our bedroom was the worst, there was about 3 inches of water covering the floor.  So, we spent the next little while sweeping the pond out of our house and took pictures of the process, it was a good time :)
Also, yesterday I had another great surprise, about 2 minutes before church started the bishop informed me that I would be speaking.  I wasn't scheduled or planning on speaking until the second week in September but the speaker they had scheduled didn't show up.  Luckily I had a few talks I had written in the MTC that were in Spanish so I just used them.  it went well I think, considering the fact that I only had a few minutes to prepare and I don't speak the language.  In reality no one probably understood the majority of my talk, including me because I didn't know what I was saying.  But, that's ok it was a good experience :)
So basically it was a fantastic week full of adventures.  But it was more than just a week of adventures, we also had several great lessons and currently have some awesome progressing investigators.  One of our investigators is actually a pastor in another church so those have been some interesting lessons.  He has several different views and insights on things but he is very excited to learn everything we have to teach him so it's been great :)
I hope you all are having a fun time at home.  Remember what's really important this week.  The gospel is so awesome and truly changes lives, don't ever take it for granted because there are so many people who don't have it!  
I sure love you all, thanks for everything you do!

Hermana Peine

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