Thursday, September 18, 2014

Mexico Here I Come!


Alright momma, first off I will answer the question I know you have been dying to hear.. I am doing MUCH better, I promise.  The second time I went to the doctor he told me it was Upper Viral Respiratory Infection and that I would most likely be ok and it would go away on its own in the next week or so.  The sores are getting better everyday and they hardly hurt at all anymore, also my infection is clearing up and I can breath again so that is good!  I can also eat again too, so I am as good as new :) 

Texas sounds awesome!  I'm so glad ya'll had fun.. you deserve it!  That oil painting you are doing for the man who lost his wife sounds like it will be incredible as well.  That is so good to hear you could help him with that, you are very talented mom!

To answer your questions from your email, my companion is going to Pueblo South, Mexico, the spanish is coming pretty good, I wish I was fluent already but I'm sure I will get there :)  I don't feel "ready" to leave yet but I don't know that I ever would so ready or not here I come!  And, my responsibilities as a STL are to help all the hermanas is my district and zone with whatever they are in need of, meet with the branch presidency every week and discuss what we can do better as a branch, and basically just be an example to other missionaries.  

My week was so great too!  As a district we celebrated Christmas in July on the 25th as our little district family.  We each drew names and bought each other a little present and wrote a note to them about how awesome of a missionary they are.  Then we drew a little Christmas tree on the white board and put our presents under it before we opened them.  It sounds ridiculous, but it was a blast and probably one of my favorite parts of this week!

Christmas in July!

Another great highlight of the week was going in the coveted pillow room after service.  It is a room here on campus that only a select few know about and it is full of about 260 pillows.  So after our last service on Friday our leaders took us to it and we got to run down the hall and jump into the sea of pillows.  It was great!  The things you do as missionaries.. :)

Also this week my companion apparently slept in the closet one night.. Yeah, weird.  Apparently she heard some noises outside that she thought were gun shots.  She tried waking me up but I had taken some medicine that night to help me sleep because of my cold so I was out.  So.. she decided to sleep in the closet in case someone broke into our apartment for whatever reason.  I'm sure going to miss her.. she always keeps me on my toes ;)

And last but not least TRAVEL PLANS CAME THIS WEEK!  I may be just a little bit excited!!  So I am actually leaving on Sunday instead of Monday.  I leave the MTC at 9:00 Sunday night to catch my plane that leaves at 1am.  From Salt Lake I travel to Georgia from 1am till 6am and then have a 3 hour layover.  My next plane comes at 9:47 from Georgia to Mexico City and arrives in Mexico at 12:17.  Then I catch another plane from Mexico City to Tuxtla at 2:10 and arriving at 3:50.  So it will definitely be an adventure.  I'm super excited!

As far as calling goes it would probably be the most convenient for you guys if I call you Sunday night from the Salt Lake airport.  I don't know if you want to send me a burnout phone I think is what they call it where you buy a cheap cell phone and send it with minutes on it so I can call you.  Or I could get a calling card too, I would just have to wait in line at the payphone and hopefully get a chance to talk to you.  Either way, whatever's best for you just let me know and I will do it.  I can't wait to hear from you guys!  So just send me a quick dearelder when you get this with what you'd like me to do and we can plan on that :)

I sure love you!  Thanks for your support and have a GREAT week!  Love, Hermana Peine

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