Wednesday, September 17, 2014

First week in the MTC

Hola Familia y Amigos!

Hello everyone!  Well, to start off there is some good news and some bad news.  The good news is I love being a missionary and I am absolutely loving it here at the MTC.. the bad news is that I love it here so much I never want to leave!  
I'm glad you all had fun at Yellowstone and touring BYUI, I won't lie I may be a little bit jealous that you guys went to Yellowstone without me, but.. esta bien.  
I'll give you all a quick run down on my stay so far at the MTC.  After you guys dropped me off at the curb (lovingly of course) they took me into a room, handed me my name tag and wished me good luck.  I went into a big room and picked up my books and then went to my first Spanish class.  The teachers spoke to us fluently in Spanish, no English at all (I'm pretty sure I had a deer in the headlights look that entire class because I couldn't understand what they were saying).  Then they assigned me a companion, her name is Hermana Peterson.  Holy moly I think they may have given me the BEST companion in the world!  I feel like she is my long lost twin, she is A LOT like me. 

My district is also the best ever.  We have become so close I feel like we are family, (that will also be hard to leave).  So we have our little district family and I feel like I am the mother because the elders seem to turn into 14 year old boys again every time they are together and I have to remind them to act their age and not their shoe size.  But boys will be boys and we still love them just the same.
Me and my companion had a couple of cool adventures this week.  We went down to Brigham's landing one week to get Jamba Juice.  The second we stepped off the grounds of the MTC we could feel a difference in the spirit, and as we were walking  EVERYONE and their dog was staring at us.  It was our first time being out in the "real world" as missionaries and it was such a strange experience.  I was a good one though, now I know how famous people feel.
This Sunday we may or may not have missed the bus to take us from sacrament to relief society.. ok, we did.  But really the bus missed us and it wasn't our fault ;)  So we realized the bus had left and went back inside to tell our branch president.  He decided he would just give us a ride to where we needed to be.  So we told him we needed to go back to the chapel for relief society.  But, this little old man had other plans for us.  He told us that he thought we needed to go up to a different campus at the main MTC where his wife was.  Me and my companion both knew that wasn't right but there was no talking him out of it.. so we just shrugged our shoulders and went along with it.  He dropped us off and we went into the building and asked one of the sisters if we were in the right place and.. we weren't.  So we sprinted back out of the building to the car (in high heels) and he was gone.  Haha, so then we had to go to the main office and have one of the security guards take us to where we were supposed to be.  So he pulled up in his 12 passenger van and escorted us to relief society.  
So those were our big adventures for the week.  The bar has already been set so high this week I don't know how we will beat it next week.  But I'm sure we will find a way ;)
I love you all so much and I hope you are doing well.  Thank you for all your love and support!

Love, Hermana Peine

The place where we exercise!

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