Monday, March 30, 2015

Clay in the Master's Hand


This week was awesome!  On Tuesday we had inter-cambios. (I'm not sure what that would be in English) with the sister training leaders.  This time I got to go work in the sister training area leaders area called San Cristobal.  It is one of the most beautiful places here in Chiapas and is where all of the tourists usually go.  I got to see gringos (white people) for the first time in my mission...or so it seemed like.  It was very strange.  I also got to see several European's and talk with an Italian.  It was a neat experience.

In the inter-cambios I got to be companions with hermana Van.  She is American so we spoke in English!  It was weird to hear my voice in English again...I didn't even recognize myself.  I think my mind has converted to Spanish now and I will want to use it even when I am home from my mission. You should probably start studying now mom so we can communicate when I get home :)  I just love being a missionary, I really do, it is the best :)

This week has really opened my eyes and furthered my understanding on how perfect the Lord's work truly is and how imperfect we are as human beings.  The Lord is so patient with us and our weaknesses and imperfections.  As missionaries he has called imperfect people to share his perfect gospel with the world.  Though we may be imperfect we were each created by our Heavenly Father and he does not make mistakes.  We were each given weaknesses to humble us and teach us and as we learn in Ether 12:27 if we bring our weaknesses before the Lord they may become our strengths.

Something that we learn as missionaries is that we should not look at the investigators as they are now, but we should look at there potential as to what they can become.  Each and everyone of us has potential that is infinitive if we can just put our trust in Heavenly Father and do what he asks of us we will be able to reach it.  We are like clay that can be molded in the master's hand and become a beautiful master piece.

As missionaries we have the opportunity to see first-hand as investigators make changes in their lives and begin to be molded in the Lord's hands.  This Saturday we had the amazing opportunity to witness as one of the Lord's children entered into the waters of baptism and took a major step of working towards her potential.  This investigator's name is Larissa.  She has overcome many obstacles and made so much progression in her life. I am so proud of her!  Her potential is so great and I know the Lord has a plan for her just as he does for each one of us.

I love you guys.  Have a great week!   Love Hermana Peine

Taking care of my sick companion

Monday, March 23, 2015

Training for the Iron Man


I refuse to believe I will complete half of my mission this Wednesday.  The time goes by so fast,  I can't even believe it.  So I've been thinking about extending lately.  I've decided I'm going to talk my mission president into letting me serve for 2 years like the elders do.  I'm not exactly sure how he will take that, but I'll let you know how it goes :)

This week was awesome!  On Martes (which in English I guess would be Tuesday) Hermana Guerrero and I went to Tuxtla to get her green card renewed.  We thought we would be staying the night in the mission home but as we arrived we were informed that we would be staying with the sister sister training leaders.  As we arrived at their house I was happily surprised to see a familiar face.  Hermana Juliana, my first companion and trainer, was one of the sisters we stayed with.  It was so great to see her!  We spent the whole time laughing remembering all of the experiences we had together and talking about our first area, Cacahoatan.  It was a great time!

This week my companion and I also began training for the iron man, or so it feels like!  We unintentionally planned a day this week where we climbed up every hill imaginable in Comitan to visit all the people we are teaching that live the farthest away from each other.  The good news is I think my muscles have become numb to the pain and hiking will be a piece of cake when I get home:)

Yesterday we had our ward mission activity.  The members met together and divided into different groups to go visit less actives.  As missionaries we were each paired up with a couple of members and went on splits.  It was such a good activity!   We were able to teach the members how to contact, ask for references and be involved in missionary work.

I echo the words of David A. Bednar that "The church of Jesus Christ always has been and always will be a missionary church."  As we come together as members to work in the Lord's vineyard we are able to witness miracles!  I invite you all to go to work in the Lord's vineyard.  Don't let not having a missionary plaque let you think you can't be a missionary.  The field is white and ready to harvest.  There are people all around you waiting for the gospel, so don't be afraid to share it with them.  I know you will witness blessings come into your life as you do so.

I love you all, Have a great week!

Hermana Peine


I may have a bit of a tan line situation!

Doing Laundry


Monday, March 16, 2015

My First Time Eating Sheep Stomach


Public Restrooms

This week was awesome!  It really was such a great week:)  I came across a few pretty interesting things here in Mexico this week (don't worry I took pictures.)  With that being said, this week I had the opportunity to try something I had never dreamed of trying and that I would now never like to try again.  Ok, ok, I will tell you about the experience.  One day when we went to eat we were given something that looked a little interesting.  But of course as missionaries we eat (and like) everything, so it wasn't a problem.  When I first saw it I asked my companion what it was but she didn't want to tell me because she was afraid I wouldn't eat it if she did.  So we blessed the food and then began eating.  As I looked down at my bowl of soup with vegetables and mystery meat in it I decided I would start with the vegetables and work my way through.  After taking the first bite I was sure I was going to die.  The sister told us how she had put 4 chili's in it and hoped it wasn't too hot for us.  After hearing that it all made sense, no wonder my throat was on fire, I had accidentally inhaled a spoonful of 4 chili's worth of picante!  If you've ever had chili in your throat you probably understand this experience. For those of you who don't know, it feels a little bit like suffocating.  But luckily this only happened to me 4 times throughout the meal:)  After eating all the vegetables I decided to attempt the mystery meat.  I put a piece in my mouth and bit down on it.  It was very thick and nearly impossible to chew through.  I spent about 10 minutes chewing on it until I finally decided that was good enough and swallowed hard.  I quickly tried to wash it down by drinking a glass of water.  The sister who had prepared the food for us must have noticed I was having such a hard time.  She asked me if I would like her to take out the meat and replace it with more vegetables.  I happily agreed and was then able to finish the meal.  Afterwards I asked my companion what it was exactly.  She explained to me it is a meal called Mondango, which is sheep stomach.  Apparently it is fairly typical here and most people love it.  This week Hermana Guerrero and I also had the wonderful opportunity to go to the temple. It was such a beautiful experience.  I was able to do two sessions and felt the spirit so strongly.  It reminded me of the importance of attending the temple.  In a world full of chaos we can always find peace in the house of the Lord.  I feel as though the temples are a little piece of Heaven here on the earth and am so grateful for them!  Have a great week!

Love, Hermana Peine

Monday, March 9, 2015

Preaching the Gospel in Jail


This week was great, I know I say that every week, but it's true!  The missionary life is the best :)

Hermana Guerrero and I were very blessed to witness several miracles this week.  One of which is that we didn't get put in jail:)  Now before you all get to excited and start assuming things keep reading to find out what actually happened.  My companion and I were on our way to lunch in a town called Efrain.  As we were on our way in the combi my companion turned to me and said, "You brought your green card with you right?"  "Of course," I told her, "I always have it with me."  I then began looking for it in my bag just to be sure I had it.  As I continued looking for it I soon realized it was nowhere to be found!  I then remembered I had taken it out the day before and put it in my wallet...which of course was in the house.  When I informed my companion I didn't have my green card with me she quickly assured me that we would both be going to jail!  She didn't have her card with her either because it was currently in Tuxtla getting renewed.  So we both sighed and patiently awaited our fate.  As the combi pulled up to the first immigration check I began to fake sleep hoping the immigration person wouldn't notice us.  He opened up the door to the back of the combi and looked all around.  Our hearts began to pound as he shut the back door and we waited for him to open up the front door to where we were sitting.  However, to our surprise he didn't come to open the front door to check us and let us pass through.  We both sighed with relief until we pulled up to the second immigration check.  However to our surprise the same thing happened once again, they only checked the back and let us pass through without checking my companion and I.  So there went all my plans to teach all the in-mates about the restoration...oh well, there's always next time:)

Another miracle we were able to witness this week was the baptism of a little girl named Alejandra. Alejandra is 10 years old and we have been teaching and her family since last transfer.  Her and her mom and brother have come to church every Sunday since our first lesson with them.  Her parents weren't able to be baptized on Saturday because they still need to get married but Alejandra made the decision to do so and her family came to support her.

It is such a beautiful thing to see Alejandra's testimony grow each day.  Though her parents had doubts she had the desire to be baptized and did everything possible to be able to do so.  She is such a great example for her family both for her parents and also for her younger brother, Marco.  Through her faith and obedience her family will soon follow her example and do the same.

I am grateful for this week, it was a week filled with learning and progression though I don't have time to tell everything, my journal is full of amazing experiences I will share with you all after my mission.  Being a missionary is truly such an amazing experience and has blessed my life in so many ways!

I love you all.  Have a great week!

Love, Hermana Peine

The home of one of our investigators

Look my companion and I found Jerusalem!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Mission Conference with an Apostle

Wow, this week was great!  I don't know where it went, because it seems like it was only a few seconds long, but either way it was great :)

This morning we were informed of transfers  I am not going anywhere and neither is my companion. We were both quite surprised because she has been in this area for 7 1/2 mo now and with this upcoming transfer she will complete 9 months here (half of her mission in one area.)  But we are both very excited and ready to go to work this transfer.  We have several plans and several goals and are excited to put them into action.

My favorite part of this past week would have to be Saturday.  On Saturday I had the opportunity to hear an apostle speak.  Dallin H. Oaks came to speak to the mission.  The entire mission (which is about 250 or so missionaries) met together for it.

On Saturday morning we woke up at 3:30 a.m. to get everything ready and meet at the church.  We all loaded up in a combi and set off for the three hour ride to Tuxtla.  Once we arrived we piled in the chapel with all of the missionaries to wait for Elder Oaks to arrive.  As he walked in the doors we all stood up.  I could feel how the spirit changed the moment he walked in.  The spirit was so strong just to be in his presence.  We each had the opportunity to greet Elder Oaks and shake his hand.  After doing so we took our seats and the conference began.

It was such a great experience to be able to hear him speak.  As he began his talk he told us he did not have a talk prepared and he does not have a talk prepared that he gives every time he speaks to missionaries.  He told us that instead of using a talk that had been prepared beforehand  he sought to be led and guided by the spirit to speak to the specific needs of our particular mission and each one of us as missionaries.  He gave a great talk and the spirit testified of his power and authority as he spoke.

My testimony was strengthened of the power of specific prayer.  Before he came I had several questions I prayed specifically to receive answers to in his talk.  As he answered each one of them I gained a greater understanding of the importance of being in tune with the spirit and our Heavenly Father's sincere desire to help each one of us find answers to our prayers.

I know our Father in Heaven loves us so much more than we can imagine.  Though we may be separated from him physically he has blessed us with his spirit here on the earth.  The only reason we ever face our trials alone here on the earth is because we choose too.  His arms are always out stretched to us, but it is our choice to accept them or not.

I love you guys and I hope you have a great week.  Thanks for all of your love and support.  It really means the world to me.  Have a great week :)

Love, Hermana Peine

P.S. I forgot to tell you, I got my name changed this week :)  No I did not get married (for those of you wondering) but I did get a new name tag with different spelling so that the people here can pronounce it better.  Cool huh? :)