Monday, March 9, 2015

Preaching the Gospel in Jail


This week was great, I know I say that every week, but it's true!  The missionary life is the best :)

Hermana Guerrero and I were very blessed to witness several miracles this week.  One of which is that we didn't get put in jail:)  Now before you all get to excited and start assuming things keep reading to find out what actually happened.  My companion and I were on our way to lunch in a town called Efrain.  As we were on our way in the combi my companion turned to me and said, "You brought your green card with you right?"  "Of course," I told her, "I always have it with me."  I then began looking for it in my bag just to be sure I had it.  As I continued looking for it I soon realized it was nowhere to be found!  I then remembered I had taken it out the day before and put it in my wallet...which of course was in the house.  When I informed my companion I didn't have my green card with me she quickly assured me that we would both be going to jail!  She didn't have her card with her either because it was currently in Tuxtla getting renewed.  So we both sighed and patiently awaited our fate.  As the combi pulled up to the first immigration check I began to fake sleep hoping the immigration person wouldn't notice us.  He opened up the door to the back of the combi and looked all around.  Our hearts began to pound as he shut the back door and we waited for him to open up the front door to where we were sitting.  However, to our surprise he didn't come to open the front door to check us and let us pass through.  We both sighed with relief until we pulled up to the second immigration check.  However to our surprise the same thing happened once again, they only checked the back and let us pass through without checking my companion and I.  So there went all my plans to teach all the in-mates about the restoration...oh well, there's always next time:)

Another miracle we were able to witness this week was the baptism of a little girl named Alejandra. Alejandra is 10 years old and we have been teaching and her family since last transfer.  Her and her mom and brother have come to church every Sunday since our first lesson with them.  Her parents weren't able to be baptized on Saturday because they still need to get married but Alejandra made the decision to do so and her family came to support her.

It is such a beautiful thing to see Alejandra's testimony grow each day.  Though her parents had doubts she had the desire to be baptized and did everything possible to be able to do so.  She is such a great example for her family both for her parents and also for her younger brother, Marco.  Through her faith and obedience her family will soon follow her example and do the same.

I am grateful for this week, it was a week filled with learning and progression though I don't have time to tell everything, my journal is full of amazing experiences I will share with you all after my mission.  Being a missionary is truly such an amazing experience and has blessed my life in so many ways!

I love you all.  Have a great week!

Love, Hermana Peine

The home of one of our investigators

Look my companion and I found Jerusalem!

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