Thursday, September 18, 2014

Great News!

Hola Todos!

Mom, that is so exciting about your kittens, congratulations!  Also, I like the motorcycle idea.. please be careful on it though momma, I know how you can be reckless at times ;)   

So, great news.. I am in Mexico!  Even better news, I am fluent.. in the language I learned at the MTC that is; however, that is not the same language as here :)  Not to confuse anyone, because I did learn Spanish in the MTC, but the way they speak it here sounds like a completely different language than what I learned.  I feel like that movie the best two years, it's so true.  But, esta bien I will learn eventually :)

Next, missionary stories.. yay, they are the best!  Yes I already have PLENTY of them, however I don't have enough time to write them all so I will have lots to share when I get home.  But I will tell you about a few of them.  

So first story, as I told you at the airport I hardly got any sleep on the first plane ride going to Atlanta, so by the second flight I was exhausted!  So I slept for the whole way on the next flight.  After our plane arrived we got off and were walking around in the airport.  One of the elders in my travel group informed me that I was asleep on the shoulder of the gentleman sitting next to me for the majority of the plane ride.  What a nice man, who knew :)

After the plane we got on a bus to take us to our next plane.  When the bus was about to leave a gentleman got on and came over to stand by us.  I figured I would be friendly and say hola, so I did.. and then he tried to kiss me on the cheek.  Being the innocent little new missionary that I am that was terrifying.  I later found out that is what everyone does here, so it's normal, who knew :)

I now understand how the animals at the zoo feel.  Me and my companion are in an area called Cacahoatan, which has a population of about 40,000 people.  Us two and one of the other sisters in our area are the ONLY Americans here.  So EVERYONE stares at us EVERYWHERE we go.  It's so funny, I feel famous or something.

Speaking of animals that reminds me of my first meal here.  We went to this sweet members house for lunch and on the table was a covered plate of food piled high.  As we entered the kitchen the sister uncovered the food and lo and behold I beheld 6 fish with their mouths open staring up at me.  I immediately said a quick prayer asking for help to eat it (seafood is one thing I have always had a hard time with, I gag when I try to swallow it).  But thankfully I was able to eat most of it so I didn't offend her.  After the meal I told my companion about my love for seafood and she assured me we don't eat it very often here.  However, the next day.. yep, fish once again.  Esta bien, I will learn to like it :)

Speaking of my companion her name is Hermana Juliana.  She is American like I mentioned earlier but is fluent in both English and Spanish, so that is awesome.  She is from Oregon and has been out for almost 6 months.  I love her, she is an awesome trainer!

I absolutely love it here!  There is NO WHERE else I would rather be and NOTHING else I would rather be doing.  I've only been out here a week but have already learned and grown so much.  I've come to learn how much I used to take for granted.  Not just things like air conditioning and hot water, but also the little things.  Things like a floor in the house, a pillow to sleep on, and utensils to eat with.  Before my mission these things were seemingly small and I took them for granted.  Being out here I have realized that these things I thought were actually much bigger than I thought.  The majority of the people here have next to nothing but are willing to give a perfect stranger all that they have.  I have seen and felt pure Christlike love from all the people here and I am so grateful for them.  

Sorry this  was kind of long.. I have much more to say but not enough time.  But you did ask for a novel :)

I sure love you all and hope you have a great week!

Love, Hermana Peine

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