Thursday, September 18, 2014

Over Half Way Through the MTC!!

Hola Everyone!

I love you momma, thanks for your email.  It's so weird to see pictures of my room.. I kind of feel like it doesn't exist anymore.  It looks really good though, thank you for doing that!  I'm sorry it made you miss me though.. just think of it as a good way like "Oh Sadie's room isn't a mess anymore because she's not here," Sound good? ;) Texas sounds like it will be so fun, I am jealous!  Make sure to take LOTS of pictures ok?  Thank you for the update on the kittens, I am so glad they have found a good home, I have been very worried about that lately..
What in the world.. how does time go so fast?!  I am over halfway through my time here at the MTC.  I only have one P-day left here and then I will be in Mexico.  In about a week and a half I will proably be calling you guys from the airport.. hopefully I can still remember English ;) Nah, I wish that was the case.  

This week has been so great, don't worry you're about to hear all about it.  I GOT MY VISA!  Yay, I am offical now and will be a Mexican before any of you can say loco pollo!  On the way to get my visa I met all of the other missionaries going to my mission.. there is a grand total of 5 of us all together.  But I was so excited to meet them because for the longest time I haven't heard of anyone here who was going to my mission and was beginning to think I'd be the only one there.

Missionaries going to my mission

So last Wednesday me and the other hermanas in my district who are also my roommates decided we would have a little workout session.  So we worked out and pushed ourselves pretty hard and the next day we felt the effects. Haha we decided to do around 200 or so calf raises and the next day we were limping around campus.. it hurt so bad.  But, I am confident that because of all this pain our calves will be so strong one day.

Another way cool thing that happened this week was at breakfast when a girl dropped her whole tray of food on me.  The contents of her: orange juice, syrup, and yogurt all blended together so nicely to make the coolest pattern on my tan skirt (don't worry mom I have washed all the stains out by now and all is well).

It is such a small world!  So I guess one of the elders in my zone and I share the same cousin, weird I know.  His name is Elder Cahoon and we are both cousins with Brian.  He is from Hurricane and I guess I've been over to his grandma's house quite a few times at the same time he was there.  Also, he was at Corbin and Ashley's wedding too.  He is going to Argentina on his mission and said he talked to dad about it at the reception for a while.  So now we are in the same zone and we talk about Brian all the time, it is great.

Today the Provo temple opened again and we were able to go through and do a session this morning with our district and most of the missionaries in our zone.  It was so fun to go in the temple as a missionary.  The spirit was so strong and I loved every minute of it.

Well, I could go on and on about stories.. but I don't want to bore you and I only have a limited time to email.  But I sure love all of you and hope you are doing well.  I LOVE hearing from you and appreciate the time you take to write me.  Thank you, thank you for everything.  Until next week!

Love, Hermana Peine

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