Friday, September 19, 2014


Hola everyone!

This week was awesome!  Wow.. you guys have a lot of questions for me huh?  I didn't get to answer them all last week either because there wasn't enough time.  So.. here we go :)  Yes we do eat with members here everyday, they are so nice to feed us!  And.. I am in Mexico, so of course there are tortillas with EVERY meal!  You know how they have dependable jobs in the U.S like health care professions, things that are always needed?  Well working in a tortillaria is a dependable job here ;)  Also, yes we do have hot water.. kind of.  I figured out that if I turn the shower faucet so that it is barely on and comes out super slow the water is somewhat hot.  So that was a great discovery!  We are not in the mountains but where we are is like a jungle, it is so beautiful!  There are plants and trees all over the place!  We don't have bikes and we walk everywhere.  My hair is loving the humidity and looks like a lion's mane.. maybe it's a good thing my camera got stolen so there aren't pictures of it for you guys ;)  I did buy a new camera last week though so I have been using that lately.  

It rains so much here!  The other day it was like a hurricane, it was pouring and the roads were like rivers with water running down them.  Me and my companion were soaking wet that day after the storm, it was awesome!  

This week we had a lesson with a member family who has two adorable little girls.  After our lesson the sister gave us hot milk with bread to dip it in.  As I was eating my bread one of the little girls came up to me and smiled, took a piece off of my bread and dipped it in my milk and then put it in her mouth. After that it was pretty much a free for all and we shared the rest of it.  I love all of the little children here, they are so cute!

Also this week has made me VERY grateful for the fact that I have been raised in the gospel my whole life!  We have a less active member we are teaching who is 16 years old and has a baby that is 1 year and a half.  She is such a beautiful girl and has all the potential in the world, but she has a really hard life.  At 16 years old she is trying to raise a baby, go to school, and work to support herself.  It is very sad to see.

Thank you mom and dad so much for raising me in the gospel, I have no idea where I would be without it!  The gospel means everything in this world to me.  I'm so grateful for it and for the knowledge that we can be together as a family forever!

I sure love all you guys and hope you are doing great!  Thank you for all your love and support.  This week don't forget how important this gospel truly is.  If you ever need anything your heavenly father is right there and is waiting to help you.  He loves you more than you can comprehend!  Love, Hermana Peine

P-Day Activity with the President and his wife

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