Tuesday, July 28, 2015

A Years Long Awaited Baptisms

This was a week full of beautiful miracles!  After what seemed like every trial possible, Luisa and Jesus were finally baptized!  It's a beautiful story how it all happened!

Luisa and Jesus have been listening to the missionaries for over a year now.  They have had the desire to be baptized since the missionaries first visit but have had problem after problem in doing so.  The problem has been that they were not married and it was a very long and complicated process in order for them to do so.  But we have lots of faith and have never given up on them.

One Monday night exactly 2 weeks ago we decided we would do a family home evening with hermana Luisa and Jesus.  We invited our ward mission leader along with his wife and a couple who are ward missionaries.  During the family home evening we shared a message about the Family, a Proclamation to the World. We also did an activity comparing Alma 50 with the family and what we can do in order to protect it.  Afterward we asked for the members who accompanied us to share their testimonies.  As they did so we felt the spirit so strong and it was at that point that we challenged them to be baptized.  We told them we knew there were several obstacles and were aware that it would not be easy, however, with a lot of faith and the Lord on our side it would be possible.  They accepted the invitation to be baptized so we were going to make a goal with them of a date that they would be married.  They were doubtful and didn't think it would be possible money wise.  They had all their money saved up about 2 weeks before but their entire family suddenly became very sick and had to be hospitalized.  All their money saved up to get married was to used to pay hospital and other medical bills.  They were left without any money and went into debt.  We were very aware of their situation but told them to just put their trust that the Lord would provide the way and it would be possible.  So they did so and chose the 23rd of July (a week and a half) to prepare and to be baptized.

As they began preparing for their baptismal day it seemed like every trial possible came along, but they pressed forward.  We talked to the members to help us save up and donate money towards their wedding.  The day arrived when they had to pay for their marriage and we still didn't have enough money saved up.  My companion and I got down on our knees and prayed for a miracle and asked specifically that they could have the money sufficient in order to pay to get married.  About an hour later we received a call from one of our ward missionaries telling us that they had all the money needed and were able to pay for their marriage.  They wee then married Thursday at noon and baptized that same day at 5:00 p.m.

It was such a beautiful service and 58 people arrived to support them!  I am so grateful for these miracles I am able to witness here in the mission field.  With the help of the members and the Lord on our side there is literally nothing that is impossible.  I love this work and I love this gospel, it is a blessing in my life and the lives of so many others with whom we share it with!

I love you all, have a great week!
Love, Hermana Paini

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A bird left my companion with a present

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