Monday, July 6, 2015

Progress in the work!

This week was awesome!  We have been working so hard and are seeing the miracles that come from it!  The mountain group are progressing so well.  There are two sisters that are so close to being baptized they are just waiting for the money in order to get married.  We are hoping either this week or the next they will be able to be baptized.

We had our ward family home evening on Saturday that turned out to be quite the success!  Two speakers came and talked to us about the family and the importance it has and how to strengthen it.  It is such a great lesson and I personally learned so much.  There are 3 phrases I learned that I really liked: "Those who don't show their love don't love."  "If the parents are o.k. their kids will be also."  "Happiness is not a condition, it is a decision."  Well these were my translations to English... I don't know if they made sense or not, but I really liked them.  They are very true!

The work is progressing very well here.  We have several great investigators that are future members.  I can see it in their eyes.:)  One of our investigators in particular is named Jesus Santiago.  He is the best investigator I have ever known!  When we first started teaching him he said that he had been trying to talk to God and make a change in his life but he didn't know how.  He said he was always trying to talk to God but never felt like his message was getting through to him.  After we taught him how to pray he said that he felt such a difference.  "I now know that I am talking to God and feel that he is listening to me," he said.  He has come to love the Book of Mormon as well.  In his own words he says, "I love this book and I just know that it's true."  He is currently looking for another job so that he won't have to work on Sundays and can go to church.  He also says that he will be baptized, he has the desire and the goal to do so and he is going to complete it.

I am so grateful for the opportunity I have to get to know such wonderful people.  Sometimes I wonder if I am the one who is actually doing the teaching of the one being taught.  I learn so much everyday from all those that I am surrounded by.  They are life lessons that I will forever be thankful for!

I love you guys.  Have a great week:)  Love, Hermana Paini

New Shoes=Blisters!!

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