Tuesday, October 13, 2015

House Adventures

This week was great!  I am really loving it here in my new area and I love my companion, hermana Briscoe, very much as well.

It is very calm here, not much happens... which is a good thing.  However, the house is always full of adventure.  The toilet is currently not working so we have to fill buckets of water up in order to flush the toilet.  The shower works great, however the drain doesn't work so all the water fills up the bathroom and quickly floods the entire bedroom if we are not careful.  After showering we have to mop up all the water and put it in the sink so the other companion can shower without flooding the house.  There is also no hot water so so we boil water and pour it in buckets and that is what I use to shower with.  It is always a good time:).

This week was full of miracles!  There are so many we are teaching who are progressing very well and will soon be able to be baptized.  We have also been praying lately to be able to find a family of 4 who have already been to church at least 2 times and can prepare to be baptized.  Our prayer was answered when we boarded a bus to go to Tuxtla for our interviews on Saturday and we met a brother named Carlos. While talking with him we found out that he is a member who was baptized about 3and a half years ago and then became inactive.  However, his wife and 3 kids above the age of 8 are not members and have been to church several times.  Carlos went to church yesterday for the first time in years and we were able to make an appointment with him and contact his family with a group of members after church yesterday.  They are so great and we are very excited for them!

That's all I have time for this week, but I love you all very much and hope you have a great week!:)

Love, Hermana Paini

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