Monday, October 26, 2015

The Prayer in the Laundry Room

This week was awesome!  We had an activity called, Meet the Mormons on Friday.  Each Friday we have family night in the chapel with the branch.  This time we watched, "Meet the Mormons," for our family night.  We made flyers and passed them out to everyone we talked with.  The members also talked with their friends about the activity and invited them to come and meet the mormons.  It was a great turnout and we received several great references of people who would like to learn more and made appointments to visit them.  We also met a great hermana named Alejandra who was a miracle one night this week in our last lesson before returning home.  We had contacted Alejandra's mom in the street a few days before.  When we arrived to teach Alejandra's mom she had to go to her work so she couldn't receive us so she left us with her daughter, Alejandra.  As we talked with Alejandra we explained why we are here and what our purpose is as missionaries.  We explained that we are here to help others come unto Christ and prepare them for baptism.  We asked her if she would like to prepare to be baptized and she smiled at us and said, "yes!" When we invited her to be baptized the 28th of November she happily accepted the goal and as we taught her how to pray when we finished the lesson she prayed and asked to be able to be baptized in her prayer.  We are so excited for her!

To finish off he week we had quite the funny experience yesterday after church.  We had been fasting so before eating we asked the hermana who ate with us if she could let us use a room to pray.  The hermana is an older sister so I don't know that she understood us very well.  She led us to the kitchen and explained that they say prayers in the kitchen so we could pray there if we would like.  We asked her if there wasn't a room a bit more private we could use.  She led us to a little space in front of the bathroom where they keep their dirty clothes.  We decided it would have to work and thanked the sister for her help.  However, she must not have understood that it was something we wanted to do in private because she stood there looking at us and didn't leave.  My companion knelt down thinking she would get the hint and I held the curtain door open for her so she could leave but she just stayed there and said, "I can't kneel down with my bad knees" and folded her arms and bowed her head.  "Oh well," my companion and I thought as I knelt down and said the prayer to break our fast praying for our investigators and for their specific needs.  The hermana accompanied us with her arms folded the entire prayer.  After we finished she said, "It was a prayer about something to do with fasting right?"  She is a member so she knows what fasting is but I don't think she really understood what was going on.  Either way, it was pretty funny.

It was an awesome week and we are working hard and happier than ever! Have a great week!

Love, hermana Paini

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