Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Trials Are What Make us Stronger

Mother's Day Dinner

Thank you all very much for all your prayers and support!  It helped me so much and I could feel each of your love from so many miles away.

Little boy who drew a picture for me

This week I have thought about trials and why we have them.  Though they may be disguised as pain and suffering, they are blessings from our Father in Heaven.  As hard as they may be I am so grateful for my trials and especially in my mission, I have been able to experience the atonement on a greater level, strengthen my faith in my Savior and build my testimony.

Though this week was very hard it was also very wonderful!  We weren't able to work most of the week because I was sick, but we were still blessed with 6 investigators that came to sacrament meeting.  We also were able to teach a few lessons that were so great!  One of them was with an Hermano named Daniel who is from the Dominican Republic. At first he didn't want to accept us or hear anything we had to say unless it involved the bible, but after teaching him about the Restoration and giving him a Book of Mormon we have seen such a great change in him.  Another investigator named Flor de Maria who is from the group we are teaching in the mountains spoke yesterday in the little sacrament meeting the group holds each Sunday.  She had never given a talk before but she did so awesome, we felt like proud parents as they watch their children grow up :)  She has such a beautiful testimony and so much faith I have learned so much from "teaching" her.

All in all this week was just fantastic!  Yesterday I had one of the best birthday presents ever because I got to spend the day serving the Lord.  I am so grateful for my mission and these experiences I can live!  

I love you all and I hope you have a great week!

Love, Hermana Peine

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