Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Typhoid Fever

Hi mom and dad. It was so great to talk to you guys yesterday! You look like your doing great and that makes me happy. 

I would like to be honest with you guys but I don't want you to panic. When you asked me if I was sick at all yesterday and I said no I was completely honest with you. I felt great yesterday. However, today I didn't wake up feeling so good. I've had a bad migraine and a my body has been hurting. My fever was also very high so I called the doctor and he had me come to the mission home. I am here right now. He's not sure what I have but we are going to do blood tests tomorrow morning. The most likely is salmonella because I have salmonellosis, but we will know for sure tomorrow with the blood tests. 

Please don't worry about me. I know I will be ok and will get better soon. This is all part of the mission experience, but I am happy and hoping to get back to work soon :)

I sure love you both.  

Note from mom;

We got to talk with Sadie on the phone 2 days in a row.  She was able to call us from the mission home where she spent the night.  The blood test results came back saying she had Typhoid fever.  We are really worried about her but are keeping the faith that she will be watched over and cared for and soon regain her health and strength.  She has had a priesthood blessing, we fasted for her today, her name is on the prayer roll in a few different temples and there are many people praying for her.  They have started her on antibiotics and when I talked to her yesterday she said she was starting to feel better and her fever was coming down.  She has to rest for 4 days and then if she feels better she can start doing missionary work again but was told she will be tired and dizzy for a few weeks so she needs to rest and not push herself too hard.  We appreciate all the support, love and prayers from so many. Sadie said she can feel the prayers and they are helping her. 

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