Monday, April 6, 2015

Super Bowl Weekend in the Mission

Hey everyone,

I loved general conference!  Wasn't it just so great? I think the mission may have changed me just a bit.  I used to have the tendency to fall asleep during conference and think it was a long time.  I now feel like it's the super bowl with my eyes glued to the T.V and taking as many notes as I can.  I can't understand how I ever took it so for granted!  We have living prophets on the earth today with the same power and authority as Moses, Noah and Abraham and all of the prophets of old.  Men literally called of God and given the power to act in his name that receive revelation directly from our Father in Heaven to guide us, his children, in these latter days.

I learned so much from conference.  Though Salt Lake City may be a little ways away from me here in Mexico and those who spoke I have never even met, I felt as if each talk was so personal and specifically written for me.  Though there are several million people upon the earth I can testify that our Father in Heaven knows and loves each of us personally.  He hears every prayer and is always looking out for us.  I am so grateful for his "Profound, perfect and eternal love.

Well, I think that's all about I have for this week.  Today we had to go to Tuxtla so there wasn't much time to write but I sure do love you all.  Have a great week!

Love, Hermana Peine

I made pancakes for my companion

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