Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Work Begins to Multiply

This week was great!  We have been praying that we would find people who were ready to be baptized this coming week and the next.  We have seen so many miracles and have found several people who have heard the missionaries and are ready to be baptized this week or the next!

This week we began teaching Hermana Flor's mother-in-law, Adela.  It is a beautiful story to how we came to know and started teaching her.  There is a promise in Preach My Gospel that says that if we can teach by the spirit those we are teaching will feel a burning desire to share the gospel with others. After we finished teaching a lesson to Hermana Flor and her boyfriend, her boyfriend told us he felt a sense of overwhelming joy come into his heart and said he would like us to visit his mom.  We went to her house and he began teaching his mom the same lesson that we had just finished teaching him.  He began to cry and told his mother that he wanted to change and that he knew this gospel was the way that he would become a better man.  After the lesson with his mom he also told us about several friends that he has who he has talked to that would like to listen to us.  There is nothing that makes us more happy... the more work the better!:)

Yesterday we had our ward mission program in sacrament meeting.  As missionaries, ward missionaries and our ward mission leader we spoke about the work of salvation.  It was great!  All in all it was a great week in the Lord's vineyard.  I love being a missionary!

Love, Hermana Paini

Eating cake to celebrate Weston's wedding

Our little missionary

He looks mad but he really isn't

The whole group

Tree hugging

Our shadows

The view over the canyon

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