Tuesday, December 9, 2014

My Miracle

This morning we received the long awaited phone call that would decide what would happen these next 6 weeks of the mission...transfers!  As the phone rang this morning Hermana Canul and I both looked at it in fear not wanting to answer it.  As I answered the phone my district leader greeted me and then asked if we were ready to find out transfers.  Ready or not he asked me to pull out a paper and something to write with.  When I told him I was ready and he could go ahead and tell us he paused for a few seconds and then said, "Hermanas, you are staying the same, together as companions and also in Cacahoatan."  We both sighed a sigh of relief.  Yay!  I will be staying here for at least another transfer with hermana Canul.  I love this area!  The members are all so great, they feel like family to me.  I never want to leave this area.  Though I know I will have to leave at some point I am very grateful for another transfer that I get to spend here.  Hermana Canul and I have a renewed motivation to continue working harder than ever here.  We have lots of great things planned for this area and are more than excited to put them into practice.:)

This week my testimony was strengthened about the importance of opposition in all things.  Looking back on this past transfer I reflected on how much opposition we have faced.  After thinking about it I also realized how much I have grown from these times of opposition.

There truly is opposition in all things.  There are several people in this world who think that the opposition and trials we face in this world who think that the opposition and trials we face in this life is a sign that there is no God or if there is that he doesn't care.  However, it is exactly the opposite. The fact that there is opposition in all things testifies that there is a God and that he loves us very much.  It is because our Heavenly Father loves us that he gives us trials and challenges so we can learn and progress.  "For behold, this is my work and my glory to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man." Moses 1:39

God's plan for us is so glorious and so perfect.  If we will just trust him and do as he asks we will receive blessings beyond what we can comprehend.  This is the Lord's work and we are merely instruments in his hands.

Love, Hermana Peine

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