Monday, December 29, 2014

Bobby pins don't work quite as well as keys


I don't have a whole lot of time to write this week because Hermana Canul and I decided we would celebrate because Christmas is just around the corner by going to Wal-mart for todays P-day activities.  Wal-mart is a big deal here because you can find everything you need all in one's awesome.  However it is 45 min away from where we live so we only go there on special occasions, and today is one of them:)  I will try and write fast though so you can hear the latest updates of this weeks adventures!

Last Monday for P-day Hermana Canul and I decided we would go get our hair cut.  And well, the good news is that hair grows back right?:)  If I don't send pictures home for a little while you'll know why...

Another day this week my lovely companion decided that we didn't need the keys to the house and left them on the table.  Long story short, bobby pins don't work quite as well as house we ended up calling the Land Lord to bring us a spare.  After trying all the keys he had the Land Lord realized that he didn't have a spare to our front door.  I explained how I have practice with getting in a locked door and that I could do it easily...but we would need a new doorknob afterwards.  Not knowing what else to do he told me I could go ahead and break in.  Luckily before doing so I thought of something else that might work.  There is a door in the back of the house too that is also locked that I suggested he tried his spare keys in.  However, the back of our house is surrounded by a ten foot high wall.  So he got his ladder out and went around back and climbed over the wall.  Luckily one of the keys worked and we were able to get in.  Since then we decided we would bring the house keys with us everyday.:)

This week was so great and was full of several hard days of work and several miracles we were able to see as well.  We were able to witness first-hand the power and Spirit of the Lord's work and feel his love for us and for those that we teach.  The church is true!  There is no doubt in my mind of the power of this gospel.

We have a new mission rule of bug nets!  This is our Bishop installing them over our beds

I love you guys! Have a great week.

Love, Hermana Peine

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