Monday, October 27, 2014

Giant in a Dollhouse

Hola Mama!

So I will start out with the biggest news of the week.. TRANSFERS!  My companion was sent to Tuxtla to be a sister training leader and I am staying here and will be leading out my area.  I will receive my new companion tomorrow at 1:45.  All the information I have about her is that her name is Hermana.. Cenul or something like that.  I'm guessing she will be a Spanish speaker though and probably isn't going to know any English.  That is going to be quite a big adjustment from my american trainer, but that's ok.  I am excited to learn a lot this transfer and grow as well. 

I completed 4 months in the mission last week.. holy moly, I cannot believe it!  Time feels like it moves at a completely different pace in the mission.

This week I have decided I feel like a giant in a doll house.   There is one member in particular named Hermana Eva that we have been working with this week that makes me feel so even more.  Dear Hermana Eva comes just above my elbow in height when I stand next to her.  Every time me and Hermana Juliana would go out to lessons with her I would make a mental comparison in my head of how it was like walking around with David and Goliath.  The houses here are the same way, there are several doors I have to duck under and little chairs I get to sit in.  It's a lot of fun, I quite enjoy it.

This Saturday Ana was baptized.. YAY!  I love baptisms so much.  Her family came to support her and it was so great to see them all there in church.  Her mom and older sister are both members but they have been inactive for quite some time now.  Recently however, they have started coming back to church.  We have been working with her family a lot lately and with Ana's baptism we are hoping they become reactivated completely.

This week I have been thinking a lot about selflessness.  I have been studying the atonement lately and continue to be amazed by the great sacrifice our savior made for us.  While pondering about how he was so selfless I realized in greater depth how everything we have is from our Heavenly Fathher.  He gave us our families he gave us our lives and everything that we have, all of the blessings we enjoy are from him.  We can show our Heavenly Father that we appreciate all that he has given us by sharing it with others.  By serving others we show our love to our Father in Heaven.  

This week I challenge you all to go out and serve.  Loose yourself in service to others and in turn you will be happy.  

I sure love you all and I am so grateful for all your support!  

Love, Hermana Peine

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